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Testimonial 1

In a nutshell: Siobhan is brilliant and if you need a massage, go to her. Now.

Here's why.

Like some others who have written reviews here, I also work in software, mostly at a desk job, and have the usual "jaysus my neck and shoulders ache" stuff that tends to go with the territory.

I'm used to massage, am a big believer in it, and would get a massage perhaps once every two months in Ireland (not enough) and always when I travel (great when you get off long haul flights especially!). I found Siobhan and Zest on Yelp, and decided to just ring and see if she had availability.

There are several things that are great about her approach:

1. She's great to deal with - very clear, very professional. She'd put you at ease if this was your first time having a massage and you felt intimidated or weird about it.

2. She's extremely good at listening (not everyone is) to you, before recommending the type and nature of massage for you. This alone marks her out from the crowd.

3. On the same note: she's very practical and clear in her preparation. She explains, after listening and chatting to you, what she recommends, and then if you agree, she explains where you should lie, what you should wear during the massage, and so on. Again - this is brilliant for those un-used to massage, and great for everyone in general. It puts people people at ease and gets them relaxed and ready for massage.

4. Finally, and most importantly: the massage itself. I had a deep tissue massage. Siobhan is absolutely brilliant. I've had massages that have been disappointing for different reasons in the past - some too lightweight / non-effective, some the opposite. Siobhan is extremely good: she works on the trouble areas, knows exactly what she's doing wrt pressure, checking your feedback to ensure it's ok, and so on. Just a top-drawer massage that I would stack up against any I've had, anywhere in the world.

5. They have a special offer on at the moment - so it's cracking value!!!

Anyway - I will be returning, and if you need a massage, or always wanted one but have been afraid to try: Go. See. Siobhan. Now :-) You won't regret it.

Sean O.S

Testimonial 2

I have a history of cervical and shoulder pain and muscle spasms so every now and then the pain gets to a point where I am in such intense pain I almost cease to function.  This is where Siobhán Ryan came into my world, I searched around and stumbled across some reviews for Zest/Bodywise Clinic. They were promising so I took a chance and gave her a ring.  I got in to see her for a deep tissue massage a few days later and never looked back during my six months in Ireland. She was close by too, under a kilometer away from our apartment!  Usually I arrived hunched over in some degree of pain and I left feeling amazing, neck turned again and my shoulders were down and pulled back...just wonderfully refreshed and pain free or minimal.  I miss Siobhán Ryan's wonderful massages and lovely conversation very much now that I am back in the states.  I wish her much success in her future and current endeavors!!!

Hope R. , Topeka, United States

Testimonial 3

Stressed out by life, work and the little things which makes every day more painfull, that you just feel like u need to let go? Like the baggage on your shoulders is just getting too much? I had this moment a few months back and I just did not know what to do? So I thought lets get some help to ease it and lift the pain. So I book an appointment with Siobhan. Prior to the massage we sat down and discussed the areas of my body which were killing me. So she recommended the deep tissue massage for 45min to start off with. Best 45 min I had in my life lately...So if you feel like relaxing and just letting go for 45min I highly recommend this place and Siobhan is just stellar.

Annie S.

Testimonial 4

I happened upon Zest Therapies by chance... or maybe fate... whilst loitering around the city centre. I had always toyed with the idea of visiting an expert with regard to the aches, pains, pent-up anxiety, tension, stress (I could go on...) built up as a result of many years working as a computer programmer.

Any nervousness I felt, as a first time visitor to a massage therapist, was immediately dispelled by the serene environment created at Zest therapies, and meeting Siobhan. The peaceful music, fresh and clean décor of the clinic and Siobhan's personable and professional approach, provides a very relaxing environment. After a consultation Siobhan recommended I try the deep tissue massage, which in her opinion provides the best results for people with my complaints.

Siobhan is an exceptional massage therapist! No effort was spared in loosening all the knots. Another feature of the treatment I particularly appreciated was how Siobhan would impart her knowledge about the body, how to avoid future pains and how to correct bad posture, whilst kneading out those prickly knots.

As a result of visiting Siobhan, I have seen great improvement in my posture! Any aches and pains I had felt have been relieved and I feel inches taller as a result of the work and advice Siobhan provided. I cannot recommend the services provided by Siobhan at Zest therapies highly enough! As well as the relief, the value for money and Siobhan's flexible work hours ensures that I will be visiting her regularly in the future.

Tarig. E, IT

Testimonial 5

The ATM swallowed my card while I was en-route to Zest for my Indian Head massage, which resulted in a dash down Grafton St to my bank branch to convince them to give me money or I'd starve (I had no photo ID on me and apparently have the look of a jewel thief about me!)  Hence, I was not feeling very zen or serene when I arrived (late) for my appointment with Siobhan. Not a bit of attitude about it though, on the contrary, she was so sweet about it, offered me a glass of water and gave me a few mins to gather myself before beginning our consultation.

I work at a computer full-time, so my shoulders tend to be very tense, so Siobhan set to work un-knotifying me with a surprising amount of pressure from a girl so petite!!
This wasn't a wishy washy rub-down with some smelly oils, you could really tell that she knew what she was doing and even though it hurt at times (not excruciatingly, but you deffo knew where she was poking!), you could really feel that it was doing you good!

There was an early bird deal on, so I got e20 off the regular price, which was brilliant. Oh, a nice touch was the text reminder that I received this morning with really clear directions to the salon on it, saving me 20 minutes of wandering around Wicklow St trying to find my bearings.  This was a lovely experience in all, great location, lovely treatment room, good value and Siobhan really knew what she was doing.. I feel nice and loose now.
I'll definitely be back to her.

Hazel O.

Testimonial 6

I was suffering aches and pains in my back, probably the product of sitting at a desk all day, taking part in cycling competitions and a recent fall. I got in contact with Siobhan via Yelp and because of the central location decided to give it a go.

Siobhan was great! Once I arrived we had a short consultation where she asked me what I wanted to achieve, my history and what kind of aches I was feeling. The deep tissue massage was really good, I found myself wincing a few times with the pressure but in the end it was worth it as I found myself leaving with much freer movement. A scalp massage also left me very relaxed!

The location is handy as its very central, easy to get to and the hours of business should make it available to any hetic lifestyle. The decor is calm and soothing with nice decoration. Siobhan is very nice, easy to talk to and generous with her time. She seems very capable and is great for pointing out the best value option such as a shorter more focused treatment or a special offer which really equates to us paying less. There seems to be a large range of treatments available but I've just tried the one so can't comment yet. :)  All in all I found it good value and after two treatments my back feels much improved. I will go again.

Mark C. IT Consultant


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